The contributions by the greatest humanist in Pakistan



Bashir Dawood proved to be the greatest human being of all times with the greatest contribution he made towards the citizens of Pakistan. He gave his money and time in order to give the foundation to The new Bashir Dawood operation as well as transplant centre right ag SIUT which could come with the best quality state of the art system. There are also a total number of OT around 24. There are about 10,000 children who can undergo the procedure of dialysis at SIUT without any cost. There are also special treatments for the ones who belong from the downtrodden sect of the society.


How his contribution could bring a significant change?

There are about around 10,000 children who can undergo dialysis at SIUT which has come up in the form of the largest dialysis centre in South East Asia. There are multiple procedures that are conducted here in a better way ranging from the radiology to dialysis all of which is free of charge. Later it also started with its mission of providing brachytherapy. The combined efforts shown by the staff could make the institute successful. There is also enough fundraised in order to afford good doctors and health care provider who is always there to look after the well being of patients.


The maximum fund that was raised to bring the improvement to the society could prove to be really a great idea to foster the growth of the economy as well as the overall well being of the people.